JANE EYRE by JOHNNY GUNS (wilcoxism) wrote,

So my computer's fan has pretty much stopped working altogether, which is kind of very depressing, because I only got this thing in May. Geek Squad said they didn't have the parts to fix it, so I'll have to send it back to HP and hope beyond hope that they'll replace the fan and then send this exact compy back to me, otherwise untouched. Otherwise I'll have to reinstall all my stuff and this will clearly be a detriment to my entire life, it will be ruinous to me, bluh bluh bluh.

So I'll probably do that tomorrow. Better to have no laptop when I'm on break than to lose it during finals week. Or any time of the school year tbh. I won't be on as much because of it. I'm hoping that it won't take too long for the computer to come back, but given the time of year ... well, it's Christmas on Saturday, so maybe I should wait until next week and hope against hope that the computer doesn't explode before then. WHO KNOWS I will keep you updated.

Which means that I can't do what I was originally planning this week (i.e., play warcraft until my eyes are forcibly rejected by my skull), but I suppose I can use the time to do more productive things, like Christmas shopping and starting to read The Once and Future King so that I don't have to shove it all down my throat when the semester starts.
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