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I have completed your challenge.

The house suffers from my usual problems - making it too big and winding up with giant empty spaces inside - and also from my deep-seated loathing for 70's interior design, so Hebei will probably win this one. BUT I tried nonetheless.

Isn't it lovely? A home truly fit for new people who've lived in a terrible counter-industrial revolution.

From another angle.

But why look just at the outside? Let's take a guided tour!

A closer view of the front door and its lovely hydrangea bushes ...

... and the view from just inside the front door.

The bathroom just off the front.

The laundry room, to go with the hanging line outside. (Which, admittedly, was not in your floor plans.)

Proceeding through the first floor, with a look out at the pond.

The living room, with some stylistic measures taken from the magazine scans you provided.

The kitchen, with a color-defunct fridge (I tried to make it green, but for some reason it kept reflecting the floor).

But why stay downstairs when there's an entire upstairs to address?

The main part of the upstairs. SURPRISE, it's also empty, except for a lovely little tree and a rug.

The porch and pond underneath. The porch has all the amenities a family needs to enjoy a pleasant outdoor dinner.

Little Victoria's room, as garishly pink as I could manage.

Hank's office and the library. That blue thing in the bottom left corner is a workout machine.

The upstairs guest bathroom.

Same, from another angle.

And the master bedroom! Also fairly garish. Also, the curtains in this game are ridiculous and hate me.

And another angle.

The master bath, because I enjoy the color green.

Second verse, same as the first.

And overview shots, for you to judge in accordance with your floor plans.

So, what think you? Comrade Hebei, where is your offering? I look forward to your Capitalist designs.

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