JANE EYRE by JOHNNY GUNS (wilcoxism) wrote,

maybe a six month gap is the new Thing i do with my shit, does it look good

mostly because i'm one of those paranoid people all the time.

So it was very nice as far as weddings go. They managed to pick the one day out of the week that wasn't dreary and rainy or thunderstorming, which meant everything they'd planned for outside could happen. It was a short ceremony but had too many gardening metaphors for my taste BUT it could have been a lot more preachy, so it was pretty good. But I was standing in the sun, so hello sunburns.

In the bridal party, too, so there was A Dress involved, and also a really expensive hairdo, both of which got all these compliments and lots of pictures. The reception was small and had some pretty fine food, especially given that it was high tea themed, so it was all very small food. And of course things went wrong but they were Memorable Things to go wrong - the car the bride and bridesmaids were in hit a raised manhole cover and trashed two of the tires, so they were delayed by a half hour, but in the end it actually worked out for the best since it gave people time to talk. And there was no rush on the wedding or reception, anyway.

Barn party afterward had pretty good food, with a long delay because the happy couple disappeared and nobody was sure if eating was acceptable or not. The live music was a troubadour group. Leave it to my brother to arrange for a party in a barn with barbecue food and hire medievalists to provide the music. They were pretty good though, no complaints at all. It didn't go as late as expected, all conversations were had, fifty thousand pictures were taken, and now everybody's heading back home, except me because I get to petsit four animals for two weeks and panic every time something doesn't happen exactly as it should, which is going to be often because there aren't exact ways for things to go.

Hopefully it'll be an uneventful two weeks and then I can head back home and keep on jobhunting. Useless degree awayyyyyy
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