JANE EYRE by JOHNNY GUNS (wilcoxism) wrote,

it seems like i only post bad stuff on here lately

though that was a grand total of two posts last month, so, uh, not really surprising.

Outside of school stuff nothing has really been going on. Cata drops tomorrow, but given the amount of studying and papers I have to get done by next week, I probably won't get a whole lot of time to play it. Still, I'll at least have the box to chew on, which will be some form of comfort especially after the ending of AC:B made me (metaphorically) throw my controller in rage.

Simultaneously looking forward to and desperately not wanting next semester, which is a dichotomy I could really live without. Excited for some of the classes, not excited for graduation. bluhhh

I swear I had a whole bunch of witty commentary to throw up here but I forgot it all between getting off the bus and walking through the snow to the student center. Except that yes, it is winter, I am enjoying it even if it did make my bus 30 minutes late on Friday and left my feet feeling like they would if I lived in a temperate zone more prone to hypothermia.

oh wait

Also, I finally got sick. fucking colds, how do they work

At least it should be gone by finals week(end), that should be nice.
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