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i am seriously going to take a shotgun to every internal organ in my body responsible for reproduction

i am this close to running behind one of the food preparation areas in the food court and grabbing a knife and just fixing this fucking problem right now because this is fucking unbearably stupid bullshit

i took three ibuprofen at 6.30 under the reasonable assumption that they would at least keep the cramps at bay until i was able to get on the bus. BUT NO, that's stupid of me to think! so what if they've worked for just as long or longer before? no, today they worked sort of half-assedly for about two and a half hours before completely crapping out and leaving me to deal with cramps for the rest of the day. i dont' get to be at home until like 5.00 to get more and who the fuck knows if they'll even work then.

i'm torn between throwing up and crying and trying to murder someone but i don't think any of those is going to make me feel better physically

i dont' even want to eat lunch, fuck everything in the world ever

i'm sure in a few hours i'll feel ~so much better~ and be all regretful over this but right now i just want to cut something out to get rid of this bullshit

i don't even want kids.

edit - because either the painkillers received some sort of psychic message and are trying to do something again or walking actually helped. sort of feel better now. appropriate tag added, though i think i should change it to OVERREACTIONS ARE A STAPLE OF MY DIET because they sort of. are.

plz disregard most of this post
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