JANE EYRE by JOHNNY GUNS (wilcoxism) wrote,

oh wow that was.

way longer than originally planned.


I'm still here! Sorry to everyone for all this. The problems I mentioned in my last post were solved - it was a last-minute registration issue I should have figured out like a month in advance but didn't, and so I had to submit a bunch of paperwork at the last minute with no known cutoff date but presumably before November started, and things didn't seem to be working or getting back to me, panic terror etc. ... but then everything went through and I got all set up and registration has been firmly taken in hand. So now I just have to get graduation set up before a deadline I don't actually know but is in January, so. Possibly I will have another panic attack/mini-breakdown then, too. But possibly not, now that I've had this one.

But in the course of solving that problem, it made a couple others I've been ignoring (not school-related ones) a little more obvious than they've been in the past. They're not life-threatening or anything, but they need to be addressed sooner rather than later, or if not until later, then I need to find ways to keep them from getting all up in my grill until I can get them addressed. One of those ways unfortunately involves RP.

I've sort of been dragging on RP since summer, especially LJ/IJ-game RP, and in the last month I've completely failed AC on at least two or three games, possibly more that I haven't had the guts to go and check on. This is mostly because of the aforementioned problems causing a fairly nasty IC/OOC line blur whenever I get involved in tagging or posting to anyone. This being one of the cardinal rules of RP means that until I can effectively stop associating them with one another directly, I need to back out before I do something stupid.

This comes across as less of a problem in one-on-one RPs, though, so I'm still happy to toss around bros and brosettes privately.

Uh. So. I am back, more or less officially. I'll pop online probably sometime this weekend. Sorry to everyone who's been worried; things should be relatively back to normal on my end. Hopefully I won't fall off the edge of the disc again anytime soon.
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